The Black Backpack – Why Everyone Should Have One

Hello and welcome to another Buyer’s Guide post – This time it’s the Black backpack.

Following on from my recent posts about Kanken and Herschel backpacks, this time I’m doing a deep dive into the Black backpack. An apparel staple that everyone should have in their collection. They come in all shapes, sizes and brands but what makes a Black backpack an essential accessory is its diversity; you really can use these for so many different occasions all year round.


As the wintery weather sets in, we can start to see the season driving a few style changes. When we know it’s going to get cold, windy and wet we need our clothes and accessories to be ready to complement the change in our daily environment. When it comes to backpacks, this is when a darker and more robust color palette is called for.


Another key point about the Black backpack is gender neutrality. As you’ll see from the selection of bags below, all the leading brands make black backpacks that are functional and aimed at everyone which really does help when making a buying decision.


Black Backpack Photo


We also need to consider the style with function. What I’ve tried to do in this article to highlight the options in a range of black backpacks that go from robust daily companion through to elegant professional and casual keeping in mind how we all have a wide variety of tastes, body types, budgets, and overall accessory needs.


Tumi Voyageur Calais Backpack

As always, the Tumi range is practical and elegant and definitely a backpack that you can use for the more formal occasions such as work or travel. The Tumi Voyageur collection is a premium quality product offering a lightweight and contemporary designed backpack.


One of the key features that appeal to the traveler in the Add-A-Bag hook system that allows this Tumi Voyageur to be secured to another price of luggage – perfect from when you’re traveling through the airport.



Photo from Instagram


This backpack is very stylish and will get you lots of compliments but it’s the versatility this product offers that’s the most impressive. If you really wanted to, you can roll this backpack up and put it in your suitcase for use when you arrive at your destination. It wipes clean easily and comes up like new when looked after properly.


TUMI VOYAGEUR CALAIS BACKPACK The Tumi  Voyageur Calais – Specification

Made with 100% Nylon, this streamlined backpack provides ample space for laptops (up to a 15-inch machine) and other storage that your working professional or executive traveler could need.  Padded shoulder straps make it easy and comfortable to carry when fully loaded. Main dimensions are 5.5×12.25×16 inches.

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The left outer pocket is ideal for your sunglasses or umbrella and the right pocket is about the right size for your laptop charger and cables, depending on the size of course. The main interior compartment is very spacious and can easily accommodate either two large bottles of water or even better, two laptops!


Black Nike All Access Soleday Backpack

Now for something a bit more sporty.


This black Nike backpack has a large main zipper pocket for your larger items and a second external compartment to add further capacity. Like all modern backpacks on the market today, the main compartment has a padded sleeve that allows you to store your laptop. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and well padded for when you’re carrying this backpack with a maximum payload.


Nike All Access Soleday-Sol Backpack for Men

Photo from Koovs


As to be expected, this is a Nike backpack you might use for school or college. The amount of compartments is just right for books and other accessories which makes it a good choice if you’re looking for a large backpack for college. 


Nike All Access Soleday-Sol Backpack Nike All Access Soleday Backpack – Specification

Constructed from tough 600D Polyester, the Nike Soleday provides padded straps and a convenient layout for storing your everyday gear safely and securely. The compound material and 20 litre storage volume makes for a great backpack for the price. Dimensions for this backpack are 46x30x15 (cm).

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Overall this is a reliable backpack with good storage space and not too bulky.


Eastpak Provider Backpack

For those of you reading this not familiar with Eastpak, this is a legendary brand, especially in the USA. Four decades ago, Eastpak introduced the very first teardrop-shaped backpacks to the college community. They’ve not looked back since.



Today, Eastpak is a firm favourite with those who want a sturdy, reliable and hardwearing backpack for everyday use. As such, it’s not a surprise that these backpacks are popular with students carrying way too many books in addition to the brand being trusted by tech geek’s all over the world who need a bag they can trust for those expensive laptops.


Eastpak Provider Backpack

Photo from Littel Elf Clean


What makes an Eastpak an Eastpak is how famous these backpacks are for being virtually indestructible. The main part of the backpack is made of ballistic grade, high-density Nylon and every seam is double stitched and taped. 



Eastpak Provider Backpack Eastpak Provider Backpack – Specification

As you expect from Eastpak, this backpack is very well made and comes with the signature striped fabric lining. There’s room for a 15-inch laptop in the main compartment and even an internal pocket with a headphone jack. The dimensions are 18x40x30 (cm) and the storage capacity is 24 liters.

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With such a well thought out and impressive construction, this is a backpack that can be used for pretty much anything and you’ll get your money’s worth from this product whether used as a gym bag or your trusty companion on a commute to work.



Herschel City Backpack

This is the first of two Herschel backpacks in this article and if you’ve visited this site before, you’ll know that I’m a very big fan of this brand.


Like Eastpak, this is a brand that likes to demonstrate total reliability and in Herschel’s case, it’s the warranty that they offer that stands out. Each backpack is covered by a guarantee that it is free of defects in relation to both material and manufacturing.


Herschel City Backpack in Black

Photo from Pintrest


Once we’ve got past the quality aspects, then we get to really see where this Herschel in particular, stands out – design. Reminiscent of the Little America featured in this article, the City backpack makes use of a lovely brown leather strap to secure a semi-roll top compartment. There’s also a concealed zipper compartment that’s accessible from under the main flap.


Herschel City Backpack in Black Herschel City Backpack – Specification

A classic design that can be enjoyed by him or her as this is a truly unisex backpack. With dimensions of 1.1×4.7×5.6 inches, this is backpack has ample room for a whole host of daytime accessories, in particular, a 15-inch laptop – not to mention your lunch, sweater notebook, and pencil case!

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One of the other key features of this backpack is the size of the shoulder straps. They are a good size in terms of the width which means that you’ll find it comfortable when carrying this backpack when it’s on the heavy side due to it being full. The straps are also very easy to adjust and this is very important when you want to make some additional space in the bag. It’s also notable how the material does soften with the Herschel backpacks which means that the genuinely get better with age.


Black Jansport Right Pack Backpack

In my opinion, this black Jansport backpack is the direct competitor to the Eastpak due to both manufacturers being very focussed on the durability of their products. This Right Pack is made of 950D high-performance Cordura material ensuring that you get the very best performance and durability for your money.



Similar in design to the Herschell Heritage, this backpack has a single main compartment with a decent size second (double) zip pocket externally accessible on the front. As you can see from the photo above, this is is a backpack that will comfortably house a 15-inch laptop in the main compartment.


Jansport Right Pack Black Jansport Right Backpack – Specification

When you buy a Jansport, you’re usually making an investment that’ll last 5 years. The design is classic and the performance second to none. The dimensions of this backpack 47x36x5 (cm) with a very generous 31 litre capacity when fully loaded. This backpack is also very lightweight at 570 grams when empty.

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As this is a 30+ litre backpack, it’s essential to have good quality and adjustable shoulder straps, especially if you intend to carry this bag fully loaded. Thankfully, this is exactly what you get with this product; the straps are very well made and are the right width so as to give you the right weight distribution when carrying this backpack at its maximum capacity.


Herschel Heritage Backpack in Black

This is the second Herschel backpack in this article and it really is difficult to decide which of the two is the best. From a style point of view, it’s difficult to see past the City but the Heritage comes into its own on the feature front.


Herschel Supply Co Heritage in Black

Photo from Akoitonburger


The main compartment is very generous and spacious, allowing you to hold a lot of your daily essentials all in one spot with the 21 litre capacity. The main compartment has ample room for your 15-inch laptop and there’s also an additional zipper pocket on the front of the backpack that’s great for storing your additional, small extra’s. There’s also an internal media pocket, which seems to be a very common feature with all the main brands of backpack these days, so you can listen to your music via headphones on your daily commute to the office or school.


Herschel Supply Co Heritage in Black Herschel Heritage Backpack – Specification

As always, this Herschel comes with a classic woven design and signature striped lining. The dimensions are 18×12.25×5.5 inches and as stated above, the capacity is a generous 21 litres with enough room for a 15-inch laptop.

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The Black Herschel backpack looks the part and as always, is made to their usual high (guaranteed) standards. The material is heavy duty making sure that the backpack can stand up to whatever you throw at it, especially the weather.


North Face Jester Backpack in Black

Routed in real outdoor apparel and rucksack territory, this Black backpack by the North Face is a real hit with those who need a truly multi-functional backpack.



The Jester is the ultimate everyday-use backpack. Brilliant in the wet, plenty of space and very comfortable to wear and carry around the urban jungle. The divider supplied is a great little feature for helping you organize the contents of your backpack while there’s plenty of room for your laptop and more in the main compartment. The Flex Vent suspension system used by this brand is a great addition to the product supporting the padded shoulder straps and making the experience of carrying a loaded bag very straightforward and comfortable.


north face jester backpack black North Face Jester Backpack – Specification

A workhorse of a backpack, this is an accessory that you can use for pretty much anything. Plenty of room for a 15-inch laptop, this backpack is easy and comfortable to carry as it’s nice and soft on the shoulders.  Physical dimensions are 50x19x34 (cm) and the weight just under 1kg when empty.

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While the majority of the bag provides ample protection for a laptop, there have been suggestions that the top portion of the bag near the lid sometimes doesn’t offer as much padding, but this is generally dependant on how large your laptop actually is.


Adidas Originals Backpack in Black

This is another backpack that’s very much built to last and comes with a manufacturers guarantee. With the iconic logo on the front, this is very much a backpack that’s been designed with function in mind.


adidas Originals National Backpack

Photo from Adidas


The water resistant, dual density line material makes for a solid construction that supports a backpack with a single main, large compartment with two smaller ones. There’s plenty of room for your technical gear in this backpack – it’s been reported that you can carry both a 13-inch AND 11-inch MacBook Air simultaneously whilst still having enough room for books notepads and other work/school-based paraphernalia.


adidas Originals National Backpack Adidas Originals Backpack – Specification

A simply Polyester construction provides you with a very roomy backpack with great storage while you’re on the move. The dimensions are 46x30x155 (cm) with a 20 litre capacity and a very lightweight 480 grams before you load it up.

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I hope that you’ve found this article on Black backpacks useful, please feel free to leave me a comment in the comments section below. As I’m starting to grow the resources on the site now, please come back soon and check for further articles or join my mailing list and get an email notification the next time I publish. 

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