Samsonite Laptop Bags for Men

Samsonite Laptop Bags for Men

I’ve been waiting for the right time to write an article about this brand because, well, it’s my favourite – I have two Samsonite laptop bags myself that have served me well for years.


It’s with my own personal experience with this brand that I’m going to start, but first, a little history and background on where Samsonite came from and why they’re a company that produces such a great product.


Samsonite is a brand that been around for over 100 years. Founded in Denver, USA in 1910, the company focused on providing a high quality product for transporting your belongings that would fit in with the times – meaning, travelling was a luxury in those days and so founder Jesse Shwayder wanted to ensure his products were high quality and stylish.


In modern times, the company has continued to be true to Shwayder’s original principles in the area of quality – one of the reasons I myself have been a repeat customer. You’ll also see further down in this article how Samsonite’s way of innovating really does align itself with understanding how we move around in the modern world and thus, what kind of backpacks and luggage we need in the 21st century.


My trust old Samsonite laptop backpack

This backpack is so old, that I can’t even find a picture of it anywhere on Google! That being said, that’s not a surprise as I bought this backpack almost 10 years ago.


My Samsonite Backpack


Despite its age, and the fact that it’s looking a little tired now, this backpack has been a fantastic servant for what I bought it to do. So let’s start there – why did I buy it?


Knowing what you need your backpack to do

First and foremost, my “day job” involves technology. It also involves regular travel from my home in the UK across the drink to Europe. Thus, the main consideration in my buying this backpack was its ability to fill a dual role – enough room for both a couple of day’s clothes when away on business and sufficient space for my laptop and technical paraphernalia. Why was this important? Simple – cabin baggage limits! The last thing you want to be doing is checking in luggage at the airport these days.


Why is this Samsonite backpack so good?

The first thing you get struck by is the number of zips on this bag. There are loads of them. This is great because it denotes storage options. The second point is one of the main areas of interest – the main storage compartment. Like all good laptop backpacks, this bag is very well thought out in terms of being technology friendly.


The bottom of the compartment where you’d store your laptop is padded. The bottom of the bag itself is fairly square and flat so that it stands up on its own when placed on the ground and the back panel is also padded, which becomes very safe and secure once you add your clothes to the other section.


My Samsonite Backpack with laptop


The other aspect that matters with the main compartment is the amount of space there is for all the other stuff that you have to carry with you such as notebooks, laptop chargers etc.


The clothes compartment is very simple yet effective and has always allowed me to get about 2-3 days of spare clothes in there for my away trips.


There are also a few nice little features on this bag too such as the keychain and the individual segmenting of sections of the bag for different things – Ideal if you’re that bit OCD when it comes to having things in the right place!


The final points of importance related to the build quality of the product. This is a very robust bag. It’s been used a lot but never has it failed in terms of the straps coming away at the seams and never have I had issues with the zippers. The bag is also water resistant and this has been important on more occasions than I care to remember which makes this bag an accessory you can rely on year-round.


How do the modern day Samsonite backpacks compare?

Samsonite makes so many different backpacks and bags that it’s really hard to say which is the best one – like everything in life, personal taste and what you want to use a product for matters the most. There’s a massive range of Samsonite backpacks available at very competitive prices on Amazon for Prime delivery, you can find them here and browse through if you’re interested.


For me, if I was in the market today for a new Samsonite, I’d be looking at the Paradiver range.


The Samsonite Paradiver

While the bright Yellow version of this range looks like it’s aimed at folks who want to take their backpack scuba diving, this model really does deserve a little study. The video below will hopefully explain a few things.



If you’ve watched the video and understand the value proposition of the Paradiver in terms of its technical specification and the sizing options, we can now talk about the fun bit – the aesthetics.


A Samsonite Star Wars backpack? What!?

This is every techie’s backpack dream – a cross over from a reliable backpack manufacturer with the best sci-fi movie of all time!


The Paradiver has two Star Wars options – the Millennium Falcon in Black and the Starships in White with options in terms of capacity from 16 to 24 litres.


Samsonite MIllennium Falcon Backpack Samsonite Starfighter Backpack
Millennium Falcon Black
Starfighter White


Getting into the practicalities of owning a Paradiver, whichever one it is (I personally like the Blue Jeans one too) you like, you’ll not be disappointed with the performance. This backpack is super lightweight (weighing in at just over half a KG) with the usual high-quality build. Like my own old-school backpack, there’s an abundance of pockets to satisfy your storage needs, especially in the main compartment where there’s ample room for a 15-inch laptop.


For those of us that like to cycle everywhere, this backpack is ideal if a biking commute is your thing. It’s comfortable to carry on a cycle trip and because of the type of material used, it’s easy to keep clean.


In summary

It’s going to take something special (like the Tumi Alpha Bravo Roll Top) to convert me away from being a full-on Samsonite fan. In my experience, you just can’t go wrong with them. If you’re in the market for a new laptop backpack and need some more ideas or inspiration, why not check out my page on Backpacks for Men in our Recommended Gear section or drop me a line in the comments section below.


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