Under Armour Storm 1 Backpacks

Under Armour Storm 1 Backpacks

There’s been a lot in the press this year about the Under Armour brand and how they’ve (apparently) lost a lot of ground with teenagers in relation to their brand; the funniest bit about the results of the research being that the younger male demographic think the brand is “old”! There is one argument that Under Armour are getting it wrong in that they’ve wandered a long way from their original mission that made them successful in the first place – a superior t-shirt that worked with your body to regulate temperature better. That being said, all brands do this and so it’s a curious situation for Under Armour to be in when you factor in all the endorsements they have and the fact that they make good quality products.


One area that Under Armour does excel in is backpacks and this article is about two in particular.


Why buy an Under Armour Storm 1 Backpack?

This is probably one of the most versatile backpacks any sporting or outdoor brand makes. In fact, UA backpacks are so well diversified in terms of their form and design, they can be found competing with the North Face in the hiking section and Nike when it comes to the sports end of the market.

Under Armour Raid Storm1 Black Backpack

So what makes them so good?

Unisex in design and lightweight in construction is a great start. With dimensions of 17x13x1.5 (inches), this is a backpack with four zippers onto four different compartments with two side compartments for things like water bottles etc. The padded central section is great for a laptop (u to about 15-inches) and the backpack as a whole is made of waterproof material, which is a huge plus.


As I said, the construction of Under Armour backpacks is right up there and their features when it comes to pockets and storage is really well thought out. If you’re looking for a college or school backpack then this really is the one for you as there’s more than enough room for all your books and of course, your laptop.


For around $60 (US), you’re really going to find this a hard purchase to beat. That being said, if you (like me) think that Under Armour have a solid product and you want to go up a gear, then this next backpack is a fantastic upgrade to the Storm range.


Under Armour Coalition 2.0 Backpack

For around $100 (US) the Coalition 2.0 is a 100% polyester backpack with a tough, abrasion-resistant 1680 Nylon bottom for extra wear. It also has a very well padded laptop sleeve that like the Storm 1, will accommodate a 15-inch laptop.



Also, like the Storm 1, the shoulder straps are compression moulded with brilliant cushioning that makes for extra comfort when carrying this backpack at its full capacity of 35 litres.


So why is the Coalition 2.0 worth the extra?

In a word: Functionality.


This is a backpack that’s been thought through like a Samsonite, and for regular readers, you all know I’m a huge Samsonite fan – Click here for my last article on Samsonite.


As the photo below shows, this backpack has layers of storage built into it, something that isn’t usually associated with a sports brand. You’ve got the usual two side pockets on the exterior for holding your water bottles but look inside the inner compartments for where someone really has paid attention to detail.




The centre compartment has an organized sleeve for the additional paraphernalia you might carry whether you’re a student of a professional carrying your working possessions. The top lid is both zip and buckle-shut for added security. Finally, the detailing on this backpack is really nice. The Under Armour branding is subtle, the stitching is very good quality and the whole thing looks very neat and symmetrical.


Summing up

Both of these backpacks are quality items. In my opinion, forget the hype that the brand is currently suffering from, these backpacks are a buy at current prices on Amazon.


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